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About Us

Who we are

Meet Rita and Stephan, a dynamic duo of Full Stack Developers. With a passion for creating web solutions that are simple, clear and effective. We like to focus on the essentials and on details that make a difference, we thrive on collaborating closely with clients to bring their ideas and visions to life.

Our goal? Crafting products that not only meet but exceed expectations. We believe in delivering not just a website or web application, but an immersive digital experience that users truly enjoy. Whether it's a sleek website or a robust web application, we approach every project with a commitment to clarity and precision, ensuring that your message resonates loud and clear.

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About Us

Our Work Philosophy

How we work

Clear Communication, Honest Approach

We believe in clear and straightforward communication. This commitment isn't just about our interactions with clients; it extends to every product we create. Our goal is to ensure that every aspect of our work communicates clearly, from our services to the products we deliver. Transparency and honesty are at the core of our approach, fostering trust and collaboration every step of the way.

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Focus on Essentials, Simplify Complexity

We adhere to a principle of focusing on the essentials, ensuring that every aspect of our work serves a purpose. We steer clear of clutter and distractions, striving to create solutions that are streamlined and easy to grasp. By simplifying complexity, we empower our clients to navigate their digital journey with clarity and confidence.

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Creating Desireable Products

Our ultimate goal is to make products not only functional but also desireable. We take pride in transforming daunting tasks into enjoyable experiences by prioritizing ease of use and clarity. Whether it's a web application or a website, we try to infuse our creations with elements that captivate users, fostering engagement and satisfaction.

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Work Philosophy

Our Services

What we do


In today's digital landscape, a website acts as a virtual storefront, offering credibility, visibility, and accessibility to potential customers. With consumers increasingly relying on the internet for information and transactions, a well-designed website is crucial for establishing a strong online presence, attracting new customers, and staying competitive. In essence, a website serves as a vital tool for businesses to connect with their target audience, drive growth, and maintain relevance in today's digital age.

  • Tailored Solutions
  • Exceptional User Experience
  • Personalized Support
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Websites Websites
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Web Applications

From project management tools and customer relationship management systems to online collaboration platforms and data analytics dashboards, web applications serve a diverse range of purposes.

Don't let outdated processes hold you back; envision the possibilities and seize the opportunity to transform your business with a tailored web application.

  • Custom Solutions
  • Intuitive User Experience
  • Support and Maintenance
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Web Apps

Our Tools

What we use

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What clients say

Working with Webbees has been an instrumental part of our success in the mobile VR and AR app development space. Their expertise in web development has provided the perfect backbone for some of our projects, especially when integrating complex backend structures for account management and game progress tracking. The collaboration between our teams was notably seamless. Communicating with Webbees was effortless, making scheduling meetings, identifying critical points in the implementation of our work, and finding suitable solutions a smooth process. Additionally, their willingness to offer advice has been invaluable, guiding us through challenges and helping to optimize our strategies. WebBees has not only met but exceeded our expectations, proving to be a reliable and innovative partner in every project we’ve undertaken together. Their proactive approach and insightful advice have greatly contributed to our projects’ success, enhancing our capabilities to deliver exceptional experiences to our users.


Franco Lanfur


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During challenging times, when our student residence received few inquiries due to Corona and an outdated website, Webbees provided us with excellent support through their expertise and enthusiasm.

Rita and Stephan immediately understood our concerns and, with great competence, dedication, and passion, developed a new concept for our online presence and implemented it in a very short time.

They were not only there for the programming of the new website - they also advised and supported us in the selection of photos and the creation of texts. Since the launch of the new website, we have seen a significant increase in traffic, inquiries, and registrations. Many thanks to Webbees!

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Pater Petrus Obermüller

Don Bosco

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The collaboration with Webbees has been extremely positive and uncomplicated. Rita and Stephan have not only designed a beautiful website for us, but also one that is clear and perfectly fits our project and our requirements. The communication was always open and friendly, our ideas and suggestions were taken into account and the team always took our wishes and concerns seriously. I can only warmly recommend Webbees - a great team that does great work!
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Magdalena Micoloi

TU Dresden

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With WebBees, the name says it all. Whenever we have a question or concern about our homepage, Rita and Stephan work tirelessly on it. They solve problems and suggest improvements and restructuring options, without losing sight of our target audience and us. In addition to their conscientious and precise work, we really appreciate how well they respond to our needs and concerns. It's great to be able to work with such a team!
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Silvia Ruschak-Schneider

Gymnasium am Augarten

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We had WebBees design and create our company website. From the initial contact to the planning and completion, we were completely satisfied. All wishes and changes were always implemented promptly and competently. From start to finish - everything was always top notch!
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Markus Rosenzopf


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I am super happy with the result of my website. The communication was very uncomplicated, my ideas were implemented perfectly. I would definitely make the website with WebBees again.
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Silvia Gutschi-Dohr Logo

Silvia Gutschi-Dohr

Ärztin für Allgemeinmedizin

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Frequently Asked Questions

What clients ask

What are the costs for a website?

The cost of a website depends primarily on its complexity. To estimate this in advance, we use the following: the size of the website and the type of implementation.

For the size, the number of pages is particularly important. Of course, not every page is the same length, so it's also important to know what goals the website is pursuing and what content should be presented on the website. As a rule, however, the more pages, the more work and the more expensive the website.

The type of implementation also plays a very important role. We currently offer 3 types of implementation: 1. WordPress with template, 2. WordPress with fully custom design, and 3. Static with headless CMS. A WordPress website is generally cheaper to implement than a static one, and a template website is cheaper than one with a fully custom design.

Furthermore, it should be noted that a website also needs to be maintained after implementation and other ongoing costs for hosting and domain will be incurred. (Please refer to the corresponding question for further information.)

Apart from the aforementioned costs, additional costs may also arise for the creation of content for the website.

The costs for developing a website can therefore range from around EUR 1,000 (for small WordPress template websites) to over EUR 10,000 (for large websites or websites with special requirements). If you want to know more precisely, simply contact us and we will gladly create an individual, free, and non-binding offer for your project - including consultation.

What are the running costs for a website?

The ongoing costs of a website consist of 3 components: 1. The cost of the domain, 2. the cost of hosting, and 3. the cost of website maintenance.

The cost of the domain is the easiest to answer. The domain costs a fixed amount per year, which is usually between EUR 10 and EUR 20.

The cost of hosting depends on the services provided by the hosting and the hosting provider. To determine which services are needed for the website from the hosting, we can answer the following questions: What content do we want to present on the website (mainly text, many images, or even high-resolution images or videos)? How many visitors do we expect per day or simultaneously? Most websites are text-based with a few images to complement and also do not have to fear an extreme rush to publication. Depending on the individual requirements of your website, we can recommend a suitable hosting plan. It should be easy and quick to change the contract with the hosting in order to unlock more power if necessary - this is basically on the safe side. The costs start from about EUR 40 per year (We would usually suggest a tariff of this size, as long as there are no good reasons against it.) and can amount to about EUR 200 per year for an average website. There is no fixed upper limit for websites with special requirements.

The cost of maintenance can also be complicated. Fortunately, most websites have similar requirements, so it can be assumed that the maintenance of a website is about EUR 50 to EUR 100 per month. This then covers updates, backups, but above all the restoration of function in case of problems. Updates can sometimes lead to conflicts, which cause the website to not function properly. We make sure that critical updates are carried out at times with low visitor numbers and that potential problems are quickly resolved. However, these costs also need to be adjusted for large projects or websites with special requirements.

When stating the running costs for your project, we try to be as transparent as possible and break down the amounts for you. We choose the hosting individually according to the requirements of your project and a potential maintenance contract mainly includes important services to ensure the function of your website in the long run.

What is a domain?

Imagine you want to build a house. You need an address so your friends can visit you, right? A domain is basically the address of your house on the internet.

When you create a website, the domain is the name people type into their browser to find your site. For example, “” is our domain.

You can think of a domain like a sign on your house that shows the name and address. It makes it easy for visitors to find and visit you.

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Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out and chat with us directly.

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